My Heating, as well as A/C specialist, was afraid of cats

When I asked who was on the computer, he yelled that it was his boss

My cats and I have always had free reign of the house, and that has always brought me some measure of solace in times of solitude. My only complaint is that I had to put them away before the HVAC technician arrived. They were all safely tucked away in their room when he arrived, but there were actually too many of them for me to keep track of. Some of the 32 cats I counted were pregnant at the time. Despite my sister’s warnings, I decided to transform into a silly animal lady. I invited the HVAC service technician inside and showed him the location of the furnace and the air conditioner. After waiting for two minutes, I heard a scream and hurried to the cellar entrance. He was hiding out on the first step of the staircase, yelling at me to get rid of the cat. As he yelled at me, he was clearly emotional. He stated that he would contact the HVAC company and have someone come out to the house to get rid of the cats. After descending the stairs, I noticed a large number of cats swarming around his feet. It was hilarious to me because I’d never seen anyone so afraid of cats before. When I asked who was on the computer, he yelled that it was his boss. When the second HVAC technician showed up, he brought along some helpers to remove the feline residents. However, by the time everyone had assembled, a total of 102 cats and kittens had taken up residence in the house, and the boiler still needed fixing.

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