Percy and I went to Heating as well as A/C certification school

Three years went by while I sat around the house doing nothing but watching TV and waiting for my fiance to return, but he never did. When I finally accepted that he was gone for good, my pet hamster Percy was the only thing that kept me sane. I took Percey with me when I finally decided to leave the house, and he’s returning to school with me now. I was asked if he had any formal training, and always replied that he did. Percy may have been taught to bite, but he never actually does. I quit my job for a guy who didn’t give a damn if I lived or died, and I was eager to start enjoying life once more. The first order of business was to enroll in another Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) certification course. I was required to renew my HVAC and heating certifications. I married a jerk who thought it was unfeminine for a woman to work in the HVAC industry, and when I miscarried a year later, he thought I was even less feminine because of it. He and his secretary left the office and he never came back. Both the death of my child and the jerk had left me in mourning. I had no idea that one of my closest friends was still employed by the Heating and Air Conditioning firm. We were back to being friends within a month of both of us returning to work. He thought I was a fantastic HVAC technician and was curious about how I convinced my parents to let Percy attend my school.



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