Recommended local HVAC company to neighbor

It’s just so different for me being a homeowner and living in a neighborhood. It’s so much more than the Brady Bunch image I’ve had in my head much of my adult life. I grew up inside apartment highrises inside the city. We’re talking big buildings with boilers in the basement the size of a couple of battle tanks. I can still remember the radiant heating from the radiators in our apartment. That may have been the best heating method I’ve ever experienced. These days I live further south where the heat pump takes care of both my heating and cooling needs. I’m 50 and this is my first time ever being a neighbor where there was a fence and a yard involved. I prefer this much more than sharing walls with my neighbors. It makes it a lot easier to want to help out when you can. The neighbor next door to us is a young guy who is just starting out. He’s a great guy and eager to learn the finer parts about being a productive adult. I admire that in a person because I’m still doing the same thing. So when you have a few years on you, there are things you know. When my neighbor texted me about an HVAC problem he was having, I went over to see if I could lend a hand. We checked the fuse and the breaker. The thermostat was responding to commands but nothing from the heating and cooling equipment. At that point, I gave him the number of our HVAC professionals. I told him that any further messing with the heat pump should only be done by an HVAC technician. You don’t want to void an HVAC warranty. That’s one of those things I’ve learned along the way.

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