The cabin didn’t need ductwork after all

I’ve been hiking since I was a teen, and we went for the first time with my parents.

Mom and dad, at that time, were working full time and feeling fatigued.

So, they decided to start walking and hiking in the countryside. We’d drive to the area, park the car, and go on hikes. The best places were within state and national parks with amazing hiking trails. At first, I complained about going with them, and wanted to stay in the car to play video games. However, I saw their energy and health improve, so I chose to join them and enjoy the experience. Well, I kept hiking even after joining university and even stayed in many cabins across the country. The solitude of mountains and remote landscapes was so appealing that I planned to one day live in a cabin. My wish came true a few years ago, and it’s been the best experience. I bought this cabin that came with 10 acres of land in a semi-rural area. The first thing I had to do with the cabin was upgrade it, followed by figuring out the heating and cooling. There was a stove, and window AC in the cabin when I bought it. But, I needed more modern HVAC systems, so I contacted a friend who is an HVAC tech for assistance. If I needed a central HVAC, I’d need to add ductwork to the cabin which wasn’t cheap. Luckily, there was an alternative and I could use ductless cooling and heating units to keep the space comfortable. Ductless units were a life saver since I didn’t need to spend so much money on ductwork installation.

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