The Heating, as well as A/C specialist, told me to walk this way

The Heating and Air Conditioning Technician was working on our air conditioner, and I was curious as to his progress. He had been gone for over an hour, and all I had seen him do when I checked on him was talk on the computer. I went outside to inquire as to whether or not he planned to spend the afternoon working on or conversing with the air conditioner unit. He directed my steps, and I found myself here. I swung my arms and duck-walked beside him to the service van. He gave me a look that would have killed most people, but I was immune to its effects. He rolled his eyes when I told him I was just following orders. The fan’s motor was broken, he said, and he showed it to me. He had connected to the HVAC firm via computer and was having a conversation with them. He was wondering if the store stocked a newer model of fan motor or if he would have to place an order. He didn’t think there would be any charge because he discovered the faulty fan motor while servicing the air conditioner unit, but luckily I had bought a maintenance and service agreement for the entire Heating and A/C system when I got the new boiler the previous year. He said the replacement modern fan motor would take a few days to arrive, but it would work wonderfully for the next decade. I felt bad for doubting that he was actually working hard and for being a smartass about it. He laughed and admitted that he probably would have followed suit.

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