The Heating as well as A/C specialist was yelling in the basement

I wanted him to talk to the neighbor, but he needed a full report of what happened

One afternoon as I was kneeling in my living room, I heard a very loud noise coming from the basement and wondered if something was wrong. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t invited anyone into my house or sent them to the basement. I asked my fiancĂ© if he had let anyone into the basement by calling him in from the garage. I told him that even though he had said no, someone else had, and that person was not happy. Inside, he made his way to the cellar entrance. When he switched on the light, he saw a sobbing Heating and Air Conditioning technician snoozing on the basement floor. He expressed gratitude for our help and explained that he was unable to stand. In the neighbor’s basement, he was working on the boiler. It appears he leaned against the wall of our basement and fell through. We helped the HVAC technician upstairs after he badly injured his leg on a pipe, as we did so, I noticed a shard of metal protruding from his leg. Before he looked down, he didn’t think he needed an ambulance, but I called one anyway. My fiance was trying to keep him from falling off the chair after he passed out. The owner of the heating and air conditioning company was here in our living room when the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. I wanted him to talk to the neighbor, but he needed a full report of what happened. Their boiler, not ours, was the one he was working on. If someone had told me about this experience with the HVAC technician, I would have immediately labeled them as a liar.
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