There ductwork issues

There are HVAC duct troubles in our cabin and my friend and I are having frigid spots all over the locale.

It’s the most frustrating thing that I have ever dealt with when it comes to our heating and cooling system in this house.

My pal and I have been living here for seventeen years now, even though I have never absolutely had an issue with the heating or cooling system at all. At this point the weather is finally heating up a little bit outside and the Springtime is finally here, and so the hot and cold temperatures are rising just a little bit. That means that my friend and I can finally turn the furnace off in the house. It’s not a morning too soon for me to turn it off either. It feels like we both have run the furnace in the cabin for months! The winter season has been long around here this year, and so I am happy to stop having to pay the heating bills now that Springtime is here. However, now I am starting to think that there is something else wrong with our heating and cooling system. Now, whenever the heating or cooling system kicks on, I have started to notice that there are frigid spots here and there throughout the house. I know that when there are frigid spots in your house, that means that you have some troubles with your HVAC ducts. I learned about this a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the frigid spot situation in my living room and the study room. I learned about it on a heating and Air Conditioning blog online and it said that I absolutely need to have some HVAC duct sealing done. I know that makes sense, even though I hope it won’t cost me much!


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