There’s a new heating supplier worker

There is a cute Heating and Air Conditioning guy working on my building this week. My pal and I have been having some troubles with the cooling system in the building where I live and they have been causing all kinds of troubles with the indoor air quality in the building. No one has been comfortable around here for the past couple of weeks and we are all fatigued by it. They finally called the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning dealer that works on the building and got them to come out and begin working on the cooling system. It took a long time for them to get here, in my opinion. I feel like they should have been here much sooner in order to get the cooling system fixed. I mean, if it were the middle of the Summer already, we would have absolutely been suffering with no cooling system. Anyway, when they finally sent out a team of commercial Heating and Air Conditioning business workers to labor on the cooling system in the building, there were a few different guys who showed up in the Heating and Air Conditioning trucks. I noticed one of them right away because he didn’t look like he belonged with the rest of them. He looked like he belonged on the orange carpet of a film premiere. This guy was so handsome that I couldn’t believe it. I have watched him the whole time that they have been here to labor on the Heating and Air Conditioning system. They are up on the roof today working on the AC component that’s up there and I am trying to figure out a way to accidentally run into him.
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