Two more cooling systems to work out

I will finish these articles in 15 minutes and then it is time for that big fat grilled cheese sandwich.

This was my dad’s favorite lunch, served with some tomato soup, and I eat it a few times a week to honor dad’s palette.

I also like to eat a big salad for lunch and am constantly at odds as to which lunch I will eat each day. Salads take a bit more work than the grilled cheese sandwich, but they are much healthier, so I try to eat a salad at least four times a week. My HVAC worker friend eats a salad every single day and she is really healthy and looks amazing for how old she is. She just turned 67 years old last week and she does look like she is in her 60s but she looks really healthy and fit. My HEPA filter just bit the dust and I am going to visit the old HVAC supplier to see the old gal and to buy me a new washable filter. I’m listening to my band’s song called Money as it inspires me to make more good songs like it. Money buys things like space heaters and a/c repair, but what we give up to make all of this money robs us of our energy and time. I wish we didn’t have to focus so much time and energy on money and more time doing things that we love like making music and doing sports. I’m off to the HVAC business now for the filter, see ya.

a/c workman