We are finally ready for some new ducts

We are finally ready to put air registers and air vents in the house.

It seemed to me like this morning would never come for a while there.

My pal and I have been building this cabin for what seems like forever, honestly. Whenever my friend and I first started working on the cabin project, I absolutely thought that the whole thing was going to come together pretty quickly for us. Honestly, I thought that it was going to be pretty self-explanatory for my wife and I to build a house. The both of us didn’t even think that we needed to hire a general business or a heating and Air Conditioning business at first, however looking back on those early mornings in the building process now I just have to shake my head and laugh at our younger and more naive selves. We had no idea what we were in for, and so far we have had trouble with our exterior doors, our garage door openers, the roofing, the gutters, and the heating and cooling system. Oh, and we also ended up with an HVAC duct that was the completely wrong size. We both had to reorder that and the new order took forever to get here. Now the two of us are totally behind on our building schedule and I feel like it has taken us an eternity to get this cabin under the roof and almost ready to move into. At this point, we are finally ready to get the air return covers and the air vent covers put into the house. I can’t wait to finally be done with it! I hope that my friend and I never have to build another cabin ever again.

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