We had never seen such a big window AC unit

It’s nice to have a activity that has nothing to do with your career. My friend and I are Heating and Air Conditioning workers, and we prefer what we do… To be honest, the Heating and Air Conditioning industry has come a long way, and we are grateful to have a source of income. This has led to us having families, and making sure they have all that they need. Our tasks entail working on commercial and residential Heating and Air Conditioning systems. My pal and I both have 5 years experience each in replacement, repair and service, however, when we clock out, we like to go exploring and check out abandoned locales, however in our area, there’s vast forest land, and so do the neighboring states. That means we typically have a new locale each month to go explore. My pal and I started checking out abandoned locales when we were in school, a group of us decided to go hiking in a new section during the weekend, and came across an abandoned mansion. It looked like no one had lived there in decades, so we scaled the walls, and got inside. The big items were still there, but there’s also a lot that was missing. My pal and I spent hours exploring and trying to imagine the life of its former occupants… Later that year, my friend and I went to another abandoned locale to explore, and that’s how the activity started. My pal and I recall this one apartment we decided to go to where we came across the biggest window AC unit. It was such a sight, and we made sure to snap lots of pics so we could do more research on it.