What happens if I can’t afford the Heating as well as A/C repair?

The HVAC technician just walked in off the street.

  • The price for repairing the air conditioner was part of the conversation.

He suggested that my friend and I install a new air conditioner. It would be fantastic for at least fifteen years instead of a couple of weeks, but it would cost about a thousand dollars more. He didn’t think the air conditioner would survive the summer. The unexpected cost of the service call made me sad, and I hadn’t planned ahead for the possibility that the air conditioner would break down and require maintenance. What if I can’t pay for the Heating and A/C repair? I asked. He just sat there, staring intently into my eyes. He suggested that I contact the HVAC firm directly to arrange a payment plan. He was aware that such discounts were available, but he couldn’t tell me whether they were granted because of my financial situation, my credit, or the fact that I was such a reliable customer. The loans were actually made by the proprietor of the HVAC business, not him. As soon as he left, I thanked him for the data and returned to my computer. I felt awkward about starting this discussion, but I know that was a mistake. Before leaving the driveway, the HVAC technician called his company to let them know what had happened and what I needed. There was no interest charged, and I had two years to pay for the cutting-edge air conditioner unit, but the billing secretary grilled me with questions and said she would SMS the paperwork and all I had to do was okay them.


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