Working out more thanks to ductless heat pump

When we first moved into this house, I had so many big plans.

While I was able to get great HVAC equipment put in as well as the giant deck we always wanted, our motivation quickly waned.

But my wife and I both spend lots of hours inside the commercial HVAC of our work space. Then, the kids came along and all those upgrades to our home took a back seat. Down in the basement, there is sort of a frozen moment in time. When we first moved in here, I scoured yard sales and the internet to find used exercise equipment. And I put together a bit of a home gym in the basement. It got used maybe a half dozen times before it got lost down there in all our other junk. Well, early this Spring, I vowed to change all that. In fact, I called the HVAC company to set up the HVAC maintenance appointment early. And that’s not all that I had them do. The HVAC professionals actually installed a ductless heat pump down stairs in the basement when they were doing the air conditioning tune up. This motivated me to spend an entire weekend cleaning up and cleaning out the basement. After the ductless heat pump was put in, I had the quality heating and air that got me to revisit the workout equipment. It’s been a few months now and I’m so pleased to actually come home, change my clothes and get in a workout. This has really helped me get in better shape. Plus, I’m enjoying so much more energy thanks to that ductless heat pump and my daily workouts.

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