Cleaning the ducts in the attic

Today’s workday is moving at a snail’s pace as I try to write with blurry vision.

My vision wasn’t blurry enough to miss this really pretty lady passing by me this morning on my way back from the beach. It is amazing how the beauty of a woman can captivate you and jar your mind. I am still trying to shake the image of her so I can get back to work, but it is carved in my mind and will probably be there for a while. Cooling my mind down so I can get back to work is a must, and there is nothing like writing HVAC stories for hours to take the image of the pretty lady out of my mind. I can’t daydream about her and try to write these stories well, so I’ll just release her from my memory so I can get back to work like the good worker bee I am. Who knows, maybe she’ll come into the HVAC business one day looking for a HEPA filter or something, but she is way out of my league so I don’t have to worry about anything coming out of that meeting. Besides, if she dated me I would be a nervous wreck all of the time thinking she is going to leave me for someone better. I’ll just do my work at the local business and life will go on, even if I never see that pretty ghost again. Anyway, I am going to go grab something to eat and we will meet again in another story.

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