Finally bought a house and realized I didn't know a lot about handling heating and air conditioning service

I did make it clear that I do not know much about any heat and AC product, I just use them

I must admit, I am a spoiled brat! As an only child, my parents always wanted the best for me. We had helpers around the house 24/7. Although my friends envied me, some of them pointed out that if I ever stay alone, I will have a strenuous time with the basics around the house… Right they were. Months after I moved into my new house, it dawned on me that I needed to have a few things fixed. The kitchen sink was provided out, I called a plumber in, the hot shower stopped emitting hot water and worst of all, my power bills were going through the roof. So I contacted my dad because he keeps checking on me, and I explained my problem. The first question he asked was, “did you confirm the last time the heating and air conditioning service was done?” I didn’t even have an answer. But he knew that was coming next. So, I hurriedly went online to look for a heating and air conditioning repairman, however he stopped me. He then told me to ask the previous owner if there was a heating dealership that assigned someone to handle heating system service in that building. I took his advice and went looking for the previous owner. He was kind enough to link me to the heating company and I reviewed everything with them. I did make it clear that I do not know much about any heat and AC product, I just use them. So the professional took me through a crash course about what a furnace does, how a heating system ensures I have sufficient heating and ways the heat pump regulates my indoor temperature. Anyway, he did check my system when he came around the village to perform a furnace/heater replacement for a new house that opted for hydronic heating after a failed boiler repair that messed up their hybrid heating.


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