Heating maintenance is to be done

I could go for a big bowl of chicken noodle soup to help me get over this flu bug.

I will tell you one thing: it’s not easy to write all afternoon when you have a fever and a headache, but the world doesn’t stop turning, and I have to keep pushing to get these done regardless of how I am feeling.

Today is a cloudy and cool afternoon, and I doubt there is much going on outside because the beaches are mostly deserted. The summer season is approaching, and soon it will be slammed with local business owners, all ecstatic about the summer season dollars… My associate and I have about six more weeks of slowness before the insanity begins, plus all of the tourists arrive. My air conditioner will be turning back on soon, cooling down my apartment so that my friend and I are all comfortable and cozy on those hot summer mornings. I live in a very cool city and would not mind staying here for the rest of my life. The local supplier in town keeps me busy each week with Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment repairs, among other things, making this city even nicer because I don’t have to leave it to find cash elsewhere. I like living here because there are no buses or subways, and you can get around by walking or riding a bike. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation where I work is only a three-minute walk from my house, making it extremely convenient to go to work each afternoon.

residential heat and ac