I am comfortable controlling my cooling and heating

I do not like visiting people during the cold season.

For one, in the cold season, I have to dress extra hot because of my chest issues.

In the car, the temperature has to be right and consistent. I can control my house and the car, however not someone else’s house. Before I visit you, I have to be sure how long I’ll stay out; Unfortunately, I had to make this visit because my aunt had just given birth. I had to simply see my niece sooner before the season ended, otherwise, it would be another four months until I make another visit. Once at her house, I tried to take my mind off the heating however it wasn’t long before I asked her for the small heater. I am incredibly cheerful and she understands me, however the one thing she does not compromise on is the setting of her heat pump. She sets here’s a little lower than my furnace back at home however I can. Since I always bring up the topic about furnace/heater replacement and heating system service, my friend and I go back and forth about it in our conversation, but my aunt is rather seasoned at school, so she loves her things in a certain way. Her mantra is, “if it is not broken, do not service it.” That goes for her heat and AC products too. I am not entirely sure when she last had heating and air conditioning service since her boiler repair a few months back however one thing is for sure – she simply frowns upon anyone who comes in for any repair work , including the heating and air conditioning repairman. It doesn’t really matter whether the professional is from a certified heating dealership or heating company she has worked with before. Everyone is a suspect to her. No wonder she actually has never gotten around upgrading to hybrid heating or fixing, let alone considering hydronic heating I mentioned a while back. Anyway, I was just to see my niece and off I eventually left after a few hours.


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