I attended a dinner date and steered the conversation towards heating

I did not know that making slight changes in my energy usage can save me money overtime. Time and again I simply bring the subject up when with my colleagues and friends to determine their energy usage habits. Turns out the difference is not really that much, however this time, I got a response that could make a difference. While out on a dinner date recently, one of my colleagues brought a date who happened to be in the heating business. So I took the chance to option his mind on many things related to heating. In particular, I wanted to understand how to achieve energy efficiency by minimal usage rather than an overhaul to a hybrid heating system or hydronic heating. I understand that both of these are super efficient and not demanding heating and air conditioning service. From his point of view, he clarified that the starting point is to ensure timely boiler repair, heating system service by a certified and licensed heating and air conditioning repairman. That covers accountability should I need to escalate a matter to his heating dealership. These were just random examples. For more particular answers, he inquired if I have a portable or stationary heater, furnace or heat pump and whether I understand their power consumption capacity. I was purple to all that I must disclose so despite hogging the conversation with my heat and heat AC products inquiries I could not get much out of the conversation however now I had a starting point. To find out the model, size and usage instruction of my equipment. Checking the last date of repair and confirming I have the right component for my house or rooms will make quite a difference consumption wise. I enjoyed getting out that day and I challenged myself to learn more about furnace/heater replacement and everything that comes with service.



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