I attended a serious convention like no other about heat and AC products

I work from home and hardly go out.

After losing my job a few months back, I decided to change many things in my life.

One of them being, no dates, parties or meaningless group meetings. Now, I only attend conventions, seminars and expos. Usually I am alone however when I get a supplier from one of the few friends I kept, my friend and I are on. The last expo I attended was about real estate and homeownership, so when a heating dealership came into the village to showcase their heating company products, I jumped onto the opportunity. The objective was to sensitize residents on how best to maintain and get the best out of heat and AC products. I have a narrow understanding of how heating works. However, to understand how a furnace or heating system can save me money with proper use, I needed to first understand what furnace/heater replacement entails and what really requires the call of a heating and air conditioning repairman to come and carry out heating system service. From what I gathered, the heat pump might face a lot of challenges based on its positioning around the house. But what caught my attention was the linking between hybrid heating and repeated boiler repair. The more the latter keeps happening the more it becomes necessary to replace it to improve efficiency of the former. Alternatively, you can also switch to hydronic heating if you can afford to install it and abandon your traditional AC component altogether. All in all, taking measures to ensure that proper heating and air conditioning service is observed is key. The demonstration on how all these components work and the approach to service was well done and quite an eye opener in this convention. I am cheerful. I turned up for the showcase.

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