I can’t believe I forgot to get cooling unit maintenance

I’m still not sure on just how exactly I forgot the AC tune this Springtime. But it sure did and now, I’m paying the price for that lapse in mental acuity. Normally, I’m on top of the AC tune up done like in May. Where I live, the AC is quiet all Winter. There’s virtually no use for heating down here. Sure, there is the once a winter season thing where I might have to bring in the plants. But even that’s not guaranteed. And when that occurs, I don’t even bother with the control equipment as I opt for the space furnace instead. Springtime comes early as the pollen is covering the cars by Valentine’s Day. For certain, the main cooling complication of my entire year is the Summer heat and humidity. So how in the world did I forget his year for it to be Summer already. I am now smack in the middle of May and the humidity is already at Summer levels. Gladly, the temperature hasn’t fully kicked in yet, however still, I am in the AC portion of my annual program around here. Springtime is enjoyed with the doors and windows open so I all get more used to the heat. That way, I need less AC in the Summer and I keep the cooling demand low. But that doesn’t matter if the AC doesn’t work. I flipped the control equipment over to cooling and left it early this week. It took a day before the thing just stopped laboring. Now, I have to pay for an Heating & A/C repair that never would have been necessary had I gotten the AC tune up.

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