I didn’t know what the Heating plus A/C stood for.

I know it sounds weird plus maybe even a bit dumb, but I didn’t go to Heating plus A/C certification school because no one ever told me what the Heating plus A/C stood for.

I’m not sure if they thought I was kidding when I first asked them why they used those initials? I didn’t know so I wanted a deep explanation of what I was signing up for.

The 2 guys who were at the Heating plus A/C booth were clowning around with the guys who were sitting there, plus may have thought I was with 1 of them. I was sure I didn’t look like the kind of girl who would hang around with jocks. After sitting there for almost 15 minutes, one of the guys provided me with an application, although she was laughing when she handed it to me. I went dwelling plus told my dad how condescending the guys were at the task fair, plus told him what happened at the Heating plus A/C desk. Dad told me what Heating plus A/C stood for. When Dad said it was heating, ventilation, plus air conditioner, I felt as stupid as I must have been acting. Why didn’t they just say it was water boiler plus air conditioner repair. I had never heard the acronym before, plus all I wanted to know was what it meant. I still want to sign up for classes so I can labor on boilers plus air conditioner units, so next time I’ll know to sign up for Heating plus A/C; No one will deter me from my task, regardless of how stupid they think I am. I will become a Heating plus A/C worker, now that I know what they do.


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