I didn’t want Ed to become a Heating plus A/C worker.

I never told my child Ed what she should do with her life when she graduated from school, but I didn’t tell him what she shouldn’t do, either, however i wanted Ed to go to school plus get an education. I was hoping to see Ed with a job that gave him chances in life my partner plus I never had. I hoped Ed would become a professional; like being a lawyer, healthcare expert, or some other well-paying career. Instead, Ed went to Heating plus A/C technical school right out of school, plus Ed became a worker, had I told him to be an Heating plus A/C worker, I’m sure Ed would not have gone, so maybe I should have told him not to go before graduating. Ed was stubborn, plus had I told him not to go to Heating plus A/C school, Ed would have moved heaven plus earth to get into a different school. I tried talking Ed out of Heating plus A/C school, however it was a futile effort. I finally talked man-to-man to Ed plus told him. I wanted him to go to school to become a professional. Ed told me to get to the point. I told him I wanted him to do anything however Heating plus A/C as a career, but my dad worked in Heating plus A/C plus she could not keep our family in a home, or pay all of the bills. I was working by the time I was fifteen, plus my sister got pregnant by sixteen to get out of the house. She told me that Heating plus A/C was different now than it was so long ago. Heating plus A/C was a necessity in today’s world, plus it gave Ed task security. I could not believe it, but I was understanding why Ed wanted to be an Heating plus A/C worker, plus I was proud of him.

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