I have to lower my air conditioning costs

So here I am. After contemplating it repeatedly, the time for execution of my a/c strategy is upon me. Well, I did the first few steps this Springtime so getting started isn’t the right statement. I am now to the point where the Summer heat and humidity are for real and the toughest part of the plan begins. The Springtime stuff was a breeze when it came to adopting a modern approach to cooling my house. I started the modern cooling plan with a tune up for the AC. This way, I’ll be operating at top efficiency. And this Springtime, I decided to leave the cooling off as much as possible so I could get used to the rising hot temperatures over time. Simply put, I just had to save money on the cooling in my condo. Perhaps I am the outlier, however the couple of years of inflation have hammered my budget. I am not the sort of person who simply lives paycheck to paycheck, but each month, there is a certain number that goes into savings or investments. But with inflation and no rise in pay, I had to address some cost splitting. Of course, one of the higher fixed costs for my condo is the costs of cooling. I have a history of just doing whatever I want with the control equipment setting all Summer. Well, not this year and that’s going to be the toughest part of the year. Yet, I can supply on disciplined control equipment control. I’m convinced of it. My target is to shave 23 percent off the utility cost that comes with cooling my condo from mid May through mid September.
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