I purchased the wrong HVAC system for the air volume in my beach house

Too often, I’m assured that knowing just a bit of info or the basics of something gives me extensive insight.

That’s definitely not how it goes. This is not the sort of behavior I exhibit while working inside the zone controlled Heating & A/C of the office day in and day out. I perform massive due diligence on just about every decision, recommendation or investment that has to do with the business. So why would I believe meeting with an Heating & A/C expert once would make me think I knew something about the Heating & A/C unit. Again, this is a case of me being ridiculously full of myself with no reason to be that way. I recently had to upgrade the Heating & A/C units in my house. So of course, I met with the Heating & A/C expert to talk about my next residential Heating & A/C. It’s not as though I have odd or unrespected heating and cooling demands. That’s not the case at all. Still, it was nice to speak with a Heating & A/C expert who asked certain questions about what I wanted in terms of quality heating and air. But I also had an ulterior motive to all of this. I was trying to glean information so I could find the Heating & A/C unit online for a massively discounted rate. And then just have the Heating & A/C expert install it. And this is just the approach I took. It took me nearly a month to find the deal I wanted, however when I did, I snapped it up and had it shipped to my house. The thing is though, I just obtained a Heating & A/C unit that won’t fit the air volume in my house. How’s that for being too smart?

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