I think our animal loves the air conditioner more than he loves me

I think that our animal loves the air conditioner more than he even loves me occasionally! I know that that absolutely sounds deranged to people who are animal lovers, but if you have an animal like mine then you know that they prefer the air conditioning.

I think that my animal is so furry that around here he just gets hot occasionally.

The weather around here where my friend and I live gets entirely hot, especially during the summer. Normally, our average temperature is around 85 degrees, plus our terrible animal gets entirely tepid when the weather gets to be anywhere over 82 degrees. No wonder he is tepid all the time. I constantly supply him with fresh water in the shade, but occasionally the animal just seems to yearn for the air conditioning to turn on in the house. It’s so funny to see him run over to the air conditioning vent whenever he hears the thermostat kick on when he is inside of the house. The animal seems to just wait around for the air conditioner to turn on plus it constantly makes my teenagers laugh whenever my friend and I see him run over plus flop down on top of the air conditioning vent. His favorite air conditioning vent seems to be the one in the baseboards under the kitchen sink. That’s where you can usually find him during the Summer whenever the air conditioning is running! The other evening I wanted him to come plus snuggle while I watched TV however he wasn’t interested. He was too tied up relaxing by the kitchen air conditioner vent.

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