I work in the central air of my home

I can remember how my grandpa always had stuff inside the breast pocket of his shirt.

He always, always, always wore a shirt that had some sort of pocket on it.

And in that small pocket there were so many things. Definitely a toothpick and his to do list. Sometimes, maybe even a piece of gum or a mint for me. These days, I’m now echoing grandpa’s to-do list and my residential Heating & A/C chores are on the list. Okay, so I don’t wear any sort of shirt that has a breast pocket much. I work from home so I wear golf shirts and shorts inside the central cooling of my home. The tidy golf shirts are nice enough if I have to be in an online meeting. And nobody can see my shorts. In the Summer, this is required attire because it gets so dang tepid down here. For sure, I didn’t move here because of the heat. But if I have to endure the heat of a Summer for many months, that’s a deal I’ll continue to make. Yet, I have to get better at being consistent with my Heating & A/C chores. And that’s why I have implemented the grandpa to-do list in my life. My to-do list is on my iphone though. And it’s a talking list because I have alarms that let me know when it’s time for me to do a certain thing. Every now and then, I hear it talk to me to remind me that I have to change the air filter. Now I just need to change the alarm sound to my grandpa’s voice and I’ll be all set.


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