It’s better to call a HVAC worker and not a handyman

The truth is, there is a reason they are called Heating & A/C professionals.

Too often in our culture at the moment, we see titles that are simply outrageous.

Dog catcher is now some sort of canine treatment professional or something. But an Heating & A/C specialist is a legit Heating & A/C expert. I know this all too well having spent the better part of a day with my partner who takes care of heating and cooling for a living. For starters, she is quite skilled when it comes to providing quality heating and air. She sees her job much in the light it should be seen. My partner is responsible for an essential part of living in our homes. Without someone as dedicated to her heating and cooling craft, we’d be in trouble. Of course, most of us take our Heating & A/C device for granted. It’s always doing its task behind the scenes. And it does the heating and cooling task so well that we don’t even pay attention. We just expect to walk in from the heat and humidity outside or home with cooling comfort and balanced humidity levels. It’s just how my friend and I are, and riding along with my friend that day was so enlightening. I was stunned by the amount of continual training, education and certification this guy goes through. Down here in this part of the country, he doesn’t get many calls to work on a gas furnace or a boiler. But the person is certified to work on any Heating & A/C equipment. That means whatever complication there is with either residential Heating & A/C or commercial Heating & A/C, she can handle it. I know people who use a handyman to repair or repair the heating and cooling units. And those folks end up having to eventually call the Heating & A/C corporation to get it right. That’s because the Heating & A/C specialists are indeed Heating & A/C technicians.

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