Moving into a home with a heat pump

A couple of years ago, my partner plus I retired from our jobs plus headed south.

  • We’d lived our entire lives in the northeast.

We were tired of the harshly long plus cold winters. We’d had enough of blizzard conditions, cold rain, feet of snow accumulation plus dangerous wind chills. Our goal was to transfer far enough south that we’d never need snow boots, wool coats, ice scrapers or snow shovels again. We didn’t want to travel so far south that we’d have year-round concerns with heat plus humidity. When my associate and I began touring weird houses for sale, my associate and I noticed that several were equipped with heat pumps. The real estate agent made sure to point this out as a major asset of the property. Since my partner plus I had never heard of a heat pump before, my associate and I weren’t overly impressed. I then did some research plus learned that this type of equipment is quite expensive to purchase plus install, then a single system provides both heating plus cooling capacity. A heat pump operates exactly like a central air conditioner in the summer. They tend to be especially effective at dehumidifying. When the weather cools off, the system reverses the flow of refrigerant, draws ambient heat from the outside air plus transfers it inside. The operation of a heat pump is attractively environmentally friendly, safe, clean, quiet plus energy efficient. We ended up buying a home with a heat pump, plus my associate and I are very cheerful with it. We are thrilled that the outdoor temperature never drops below cold. The heat pump manages a very consistent plus ideal comfort all year round.


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