My dad’s collector items includes precious heat and AC product

Before I was actually born, my dad was an actual heating and air conditioning service professional who was absolutely content with working full time and taking care of his family; however, for a family of four, he didn’t struggle to keep the family delighted because there was so much work to go around… And then growing up, I didn’t really take much notice of what was going on with his job until I was in junior high, then slowly I started noticing dad bringing house parts of furnaces or heaters.

  • Some were relatively new however most were dated and legitimately required heating system repairs here and there.

As a renowned heating and air conditioning repairman, I just assumed most of his purchasers trusted him to take house whatever he could. At some point, out of curiosity, during the weekends and holidays I started taking my dad on rounds for boiler repair or standard heat service around the village. It is then that I realized that he had a heating dealership. He specialized in heating, so a lot of his work revolved around furnace/heater replacement, heat pump repair and service, and generally anything to do with heat and AC products, on the side, he was trying to partner with an seasoned colleague to register a separate heating company that handles hybrid heating and focuses on hydronic heating as an option for traditional ACs. As impressive as his track record was, I drew his attention to many components he had collected over years in his garage that held a lot of value. He didn’t know he could sell them, so I looked around for auctions and professional collectible agents that could shed some light on the collectibles and sure enough, he had enough to generate enough capital to jump start his side partnership business. At the end of it all, I was just cheerful. I could be of help.

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