Natural climate control is coming soon

I need to muster up the strength to finish these stories today, as I am feeling a bit under the weather and finding it tough to keep pushing forward.

  • But somehow I will find a way to get them done and then I can lie down on my sofa and melt into the cushions.

I just ate some soup with pasta and I feel a bit better having some food in my body, as it has been tough to eat anything with the sore throat I have had. I have about an hour max of work left with heating and cooling system stories and then I can relax the rest of the day and play with my cats if I feel like it. I also have to do my 15 minute yoga routine because my body is very sore and it would be good for my muscles and joints to move a bit. I missed my yoga yesterday, opting for a trip to the local business to get some medicine to help me make it through this illness. Today is Tuesday and I think by Friday I will be almost 100% again, but I need to rest a lot to make that happen as my body needs energy to fight this cold. I have a cooling rep friend visiting me Sunday so I need to be better by then so we can work on my HVAC system and get it up and running for the coming summer season. The weather is heating up and it won’t be long before I am running the unit all day.


a/c worker