Propane boiler is shot

My dad used to use the phrase “totally rinsed” when explaining about how something is shot or done with.

Like if he was tired from a long day of water skiing he would say “ahh, I’m totally rinsed” or if someone was being crazy about something then they were “totally rinsed”. You never hear that and I’m not sure where the saying came from, but I guess I will never know because dad died two years ago and the secret is locked up for eternity. But if you feel so inclined you can use the saying too! HVAC system cleaning is my work for the day and I am sure that by the time I get home from working on the heating device all day I will be totally rinsed too. I really miss my pops and I still can’t quite comprehend that he will never come back again one day, but death is forever and I will have to come to terms with it one day. The heating industry is where he worked for most of his life, doing a lot of heating system tune ups over the years and making a really successful business in the process. I am a musician now and am happy I chose this route in life because it really brings me a lot of joy making music and performing for people. Who knows where it will take me, but I am sure it is more rewarding than cleaning ductwork all day for the cooling corp like I was doing back home before switching gears to music.


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