The a/c turned off every two hours

At this hotel my friend and I stayed the other evening, the a/c kept turning off every two hours, and it wasn’t so bad when my friend and I were awake; but after my friend and I went to sleep, it became entirely frustrating.

I kept waking up every time the air conditioning turned off.

I prefer having undoubtedly white noise while I am sleeping, plus so when it turns off suddenly, it makes me wake up with a jolt. I can’t even sleep whenever there is total silence, plus that is exactly what kept on happening while my friend and I were at the hotel. I am not going to lie about it either. It entirely annoys me how I can spend so much money for one evening in a hotel room plus then the air conditioning keeps me from even getting one relaxing evening’s sleep! I was more than a little miffed about the whole entire thing when I got up the following morning plus then went down for supper in the lobby. I told the employer at the front desk of the hotel about the problems with the air conditioner plus he said that there was not anything that he could do about it! He honestly commiserates with me plus told me that he hated the modern a/c also. He said that most people who came into the hotel complained about it, then the owners of the hotel had decided corporately that that was the direction that they were going as far as the eco-friendly movement goes, however everyone hates it, but that is the way it is from now on. I hope other hotels do not simply follow in their footsteps, though!

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