The air conditioner machine just couldn’t keep up with the demand

The air conditioner machine just couldn’t keep up with the demand over the weekend last week.

It got so tepid outside that I was miserable for the most part for the entire weekend! Sporadically I wonder why I even try to live here because it entirely gets tepid here during the summer.

I just do not do well when there are high hot plus cold temperatures, plus I absolutely should move up north anywhere where it doesn’t get as hot, then up until this point in my life, though, I have just not made any large moves like that plus I don’t know that I ever will; and now that I am getting older, maybe I will start liking the heat more than I have previously. I know a lot of older people end up moving south because they like the high hot plus cold temperatures down there, so maybe it will turn out to be the same way for me plus I can continue to stay here; As it is right now, I will continue to keep on using the a/c in my home on full blast throughout the tepid Summer months, and last weekend though, it was crazy. It is not always this tepid during the Springtime around here, so most people were pretty surprised that my friend and I had such high hot plus cold temperatures. I think that is why the air conditioning was unable to keep up with the demand that I was putting on it, but my pal and I haven’t had our typical yearly air conditioning tune up yet because it’s so early in the season. Hopefully the central air conditioner tune up will get everything running smoothly with the heating and A/C unit.
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