The Heating plus A/C system in my car quit working.

I love my old car, however every time I turn around, something new is going wrong with it! Yesterday it was the brakes. The month previous that I had to get modern tires. My transmission started acting up. The flames plugs plus the wires needed upgrades. Now, I am being told that my Heating plus A/C system needs to be upgraded. I live in the high desert, so it is hard to go anywhere if you don’t have air conditioner. I was on the highway heading to labor when my Heating plus A/C system died. Traffic was at a total stop, plus opening a window was useless. The sunlight was beating in through my windshield. I was praying for a freak wind storm or downpour, however it was quite unlikely. I had to sit in my car until I got to an exit that provided Heating plus A/C service. About Ten miles plus half an hour later, I was pulling into a repair station. They told me they could fix the Heating plus A/C system, however there was a problem. They had a wait of at least another half an hour before they could get me in. At least half an hour was more than 3 hours, plus I had to call labor plus tell them I wasn’t going to make it in. They only had it at the garage for ten minutes when they told me they had to order the Heating plus A/C system plus it would not be in until after 4PM that day. I wasted an entire day waiting for the Heating plus A/C system to get repaired. I was about to ask what else could go wrong, but I didn’t want to tempt fate to answer me.

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