The Heating plus A/C worker was such a jerk

I am used to rude guys ogling me at times, because of my improper measurements.

Most folks don’t say anything rude, however you can see their looks when they think you aren’t looking. I know I am very big in a few areas, however since I’m not a TikTok celebrity, it isn’t adequate. My hubby Ed was working last month when the Heating plus A/C worker arrived to labor on my central air conditioner unit. She didn’t speak to me or look me in the eye. She was only looking at my body plus making legitimately little sense. I was so sad that I wanted to weep. I was offended by her lack of decorum plus professionalism. I told him my name is Courtney, but I wasn’t a Kardashian. She knew what I was referring to plus turned beet red. I asked him to please check my air conditioner machine plus give me the bill. She headed outside, although she was still peering in the dining room window to see if she could get a glimpse of me. When my hubby Ed got home, I told him what happened. Ed told me she could understand the Heating plus A/C worker’s response. Ed thought I was gorgeous plus she could not take her eyes off me. Why would I think Ed was the only man who appreciated my appearance? I began to weep plus told him the Heating plus A/C worker’s actions were offensive. Ed provided to call the Heating plus A/C business plus complain if I thought her actions were so egregious. I would not call the actions egregious, but I would call them offensive. I cannot help what I looked like, plus I didn’t like being ogled.

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