The way to go is having zone control

I have another 40 minutes of work before I take a break and go for a short bike ride.

  • But I can’t go on a long ride because I’m sick and have very little energy.

I just want to ride down and look at the ocean and beaches for a while, and maybe run into a familiar face for a chat if anyone is out and about. I enjoy the life I’ve chosen to live abroad, but I miss my family terribly. As the owner of a heating company told me, having everything in life is difficult. He has a partner and children, and he works 60 hours a week at the store, leaving him with little time to do anything else. He stated that he wishes he had become a musician years ago instead of pursuing the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system industry, but he is now obligated to do so until he is at least 73 years old due to a group of children they are raising. He could pursue music when he is 73, but I doubt he will have the energy to do so, which bothers me because he will die with the music trapped inside him. The HEPA filter salesman told me years ago to follow my dreams, and because I am cheerful, I listened to him instead of running my cooling company, which I did until the age of 38, when I decided to pursue comedy. Now that I’ve been doing the performing arts for nearly 20 years and am still relatively young at 55 years old, I’m hoping to make something happen before I’m too old.
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