This week I have five air ducts to install

Currently, it is 20 minutes past noon, and I am sluggishly making it through my workday while sick.

While writing when your body hurts and you have a headache is challenging, I believe I will succeed with a little patience and persistence.

My friend and I are starting the process of putting our name out there to the bars and pubs to see what kind of response we get for gigs now that our band has received the corporation cards we’ve been waiting for. In the summer, we want to perform three shows a week in air-conditioned bars, and in the winter, we want to perform the same number of shows in the mountains, where my friend and I have a chalet. If my friend and I are successful, we will have a very cool life ahead of us, which I suppose is possible if my friend and I continue to work hard and create newer, better music. Each week, the cooling corp keeps me busy, but not so busy that I can’t practice my music like most of my married friends who also work. My one friend claimed that he only has about an hour of free time each afternoon because the rest of the time is spent working or taking care of the house, which is something I have chosen to forego in order to pursue my career as an artist. I doubt that I would have the time or energy to devote to music as I have for so many years if I were still running my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business as I did before. I will look back on my life with a lot of happiness knowing that I took the chance and got into music.
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