Using a HEPA filter is good for my respiratory health

Small changes make a huge difference.

Whether it’s changes to your lifestyle or changes to the HVAC unit, small details do matter.

I know because I’ve seen this firsthand with both my health and wellness along with a small HVAC unit upgrade. As for my health, it was about all the tiny changes. Every other time that I wanted to start exercising, I went at it as though all it was going to take was a month to get the right results. Well, it took ages of being too lazy inside the AC and eating whatever I wanted for me to put that weight on. So it wasn’t like I was going to change that in a month. Yet, that’s just how I did it. Months ago, I finally chose to fully commit to a complete lifestyle makeover. And that started with reaching out for help. And what I learned was that it’s all the minor decisions you make throughout each day that make a difference. The more good decisions I made, like sitting at my desk inside the zone controlled Heating & A/C, the more great decisions I wanted to continue to make. At some point, it gets a sort of momentum of its own as well as real change happens. Another minor decision I made concerning my health had immediate results though. I wanted to improve the indoor air quality for my respiratory health and to strengthen my immune response. Well, all I had to do was upgrade the cheap air filters that I had always used and add a HEPA filter instead. That little detail has made such a dramatic effect on the indoor air quality of the house. Minor details and daily decisions do make a difference.


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