We have to get our parents’ home ready to sell with a modern air conditioner

We are simply going to have to get our parents’ home ready to sell soon. My pal and I have to get a modern air conditioner system installed before my friend and I can put it up on the market, according to our realtor. The realtor also said that if my friend and I don’t get the modern air conditioner system put in the home then there is just no way that my friend and I will ever be able to sell the house. I don’t know if that’s entirely the case or not, but the realtor absolutely knows what he’s doing. The realtor simply has been entirely relaxing so far for us, so I don’t entirely think that he is going to steer us wrong. I know that the air conditioner machine in the home is older, but I entirely don’t feel like it has to be completely replaced at this point, either. I don’t know if it’s going to help us sell the home or not, but maybe it will, our parents are moving out west because they have both retired, plus so now we’re in charge of getting everything together plus getting stuff ready to go for them. My sibling plus I are the various ones doing all of the work, plus so now I guess I’m going to have to call an actual heating and A/C contractor plus get this a/c replaced too. This is just one more thing that I’m going to have to do that I wasn’t planning on, but that’s okay, I guess. I feel like getting their home sold is going to be a whole lot more trouble than I was planning for it to be when my friend and I first found out about it. My parents have done a lot for me over the years, so I feel like this is the least that I can do for them now. Hopefully I will be able to get this air conditioning situation fixed suddenly!

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