Don’t you adore the current furnace?

Summer showed up separate from me even noticing.

Things had been so topsy-turvy at the house, that I didn’t have time to think. It started right after Christmas when the furnace broke. I called the HVAC corporation. They told me they could have someone at the cabin by 8 AM the next afternoon. That was perfect. I would not need to take off work if he was there by 9 AM. When he didn’t show up by 11 AM, I had to leave. I had to be at work by 11:30. I had a note on my door when I got cabin that the HVAC tech had been there at 11:50 AM. I needed to call the HVAC corporation as well as discuss my not being available as well as if I wanted another appointment. I called the HVAC corporation as well as told them his arrival was 8 AM, as well as I had to be at work by 11:30. Had I known he was going to be so late, I may have had someone cabin rest for me! She asked if I wanted another appointment, as well as all I could think was, ‘DUH!!!’. I said yes, please, instead. How did he think my furnace was going to be fixed? I didn’t have Elves in my basement. Two appointments later, the HVAC corporation finally got someone to the house. He told me I needed a current furnace as well as he would need to order one. It is now summer, as well as I got a cellphone call to tell me my furnace had been delivered as well as they would install it in two mornings. I thanked them for their expediency in getting the furnace, although I said no thank you. I had already called a weird HVAC corporation.

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