Easter was ruined because of the air conditioner.

Easter was supposed to be filled with fun & family, and my Easter was starting out as fun, & our family was here, and the important difference was when my air conditioner unit quit running, it was sizzling for Easter, & without the air conditioner, my chocolate eggs were melting, the butter sculpture was melting, & supper was a bust.

My Grandparents had to leave early because they both had heart conditions, & mom & dad had to take them home.

My Easter was ruined because of the air conditioner, however almost everyone told me I was being over dramatic. I had a twenty pound turkey that my husband & I could never consume. I had four of the five pounds of mashed potatoes sitting on the table, & more side dishes than we would eat in a year. I forgot I had asked my sibling to come to Easter supper, he is usually with his friends or working, when I heard him yelling at me & telling me to come to the table because he didn’t want to eat alone,I walked in. He sat there & waved at me & asked if anyone remembered he could have saved the day. He was an Heating plus A/C corporation, & the only reason he was an hour late was because he had an emergency to attend to. I asked if he had time to look at the air conditioner unit, he grinned. I sent half the food house with him; once he fixed the air conditioner. I figured between him & his roommates, it would be gone before the night was over.

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