He thought I was a kid; not an HVAC technician.

It was my first time out without a mentor, and I was petrified. I thought it was difficult working on an HVAC system with the mentor, but this was even scarier. I was afraid I would make a mistake, and there would be no one there to point out what I had missed. I thought I had messed up because his eyes were trained on my every movement. Walking up to the door was scary. I had my new uniform on, and my ID badge was pinned to the pocket. I rang the doorbell, and waited for the client to come to the door. When he opened the door, he started to shut it again. I cleared my throat and asked if he had called for an HVAC technician. He said he had and told me he thought I was a kid selling something for school. I took a deep breath and smiled. After bolstering my courage, I told him I was the HVAC technician and pointed to my badge. He invited me in and told me what was happening with his air conditioning unit. He showed me where it was, and I went to work. Halfway through my inspection, I realized I didn’t have the part I needed to make the repair. I apologized for my mistake, but he didn’t mind. He was glad to find out what was wrong with the AC unit, and asked when I would return. I told him it would be less than an hour, and I was right. I returned with the part, and quickly repaired the air conditioning unit. He gave me an excellent review on our website.


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