How can one HVAC technician be enough?

For years, I had only one HVAC technician come to the house. He was the nicest man I had ever met, and he knew his job. There was very little that man didn’t know, and he worked hard. He would be going from morning till night, and yet you never heard him complain about his job. Last month, he came to the house and told us he was retiring. After forty-five years on the job, his wife thought it was time. I thanked him for letting us know, but I was going to miss him. I was telling my daughter that Harry was retiring. She was sad, but she said it was time. She could never understand how one HVAC technician could be enough. She told me she used to enjoy it when the HVAC technician came over. He always had a candy bar for her, but times had changed. They had more experienced men who did more, and knew more with the air conditioning and heat. The HVAC technicians have specialties, and those specialties make them more knowledgeable when working on the HVAC system. She could tell me all she wanted, but I was still unhappy about losing our long-time HVAC technician and friend. I can’t imagine anyone filling his shoes, or doing a better job than him. I’ll be looking for a new HVAC technician, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy. Now, the HVAC company sends whoever is available, and you never get to know the HVAC tech, because you may never get to see that one again.

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