I can’t imagine my life without air conditioning in it.

I know I have told most people my story, but my Grandma June didn’t guess air conditioning was legit! She didn’t have air conditioning in the house, as well as neither did her parents.

They were a family of farmers so they knew how to deal with high heat as well as very humid summers.

They would come in from the fields, as well as clean in frosty water, and often I would see them with wet cloths on the back of their necks or on their heads. I grew up in the city, as well as my Dad as well as his dad had air conditioning, then when dad moved away from the farm as well as went to state college, she never looked back, and Dad embraced this current way of living, as well as my associate and I had air conditioning in our home, and 1 summer, my parents took me to the farm so I could get to know my Grandma June. I was there quite often through the years, as well as when my parents were on holiday, then my associates and I would spend the holidays with my Grandma June, but it was always cool. This year, I was going to spend time during the summer. June expected me to work on the farm with them, as well as there was no air conditioning in my bedroom. I had a tough time sleeping in the evening, as well as I could not get used to it. When my dad picked me up, I told him I had a lot of fun, but I could not get used to not having air conditioning. It was even harder when I returned home. I was shivering the first week home, because the air conditioning felt too frosty for me.
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