I noticed something when cleaning the A/C vent

I was looking at a beautiful painting I bought online sometime back. It truly is beautiful, and I admired how the artist used simple strokes to create a perfect and detailed picture. It truly is incredible the talent some people have. Suddenly, my air conditioning device kicked on, and I felt the familiar cooling breeze hit my face. Looking up at the A/C vent, I noticed something. I couldn’t tell what it was at a distance, and so I had to get a chair to stand on. It looked like a dark spot in the air conditioning vent. Peering a bit closer, I noticed that the air vent was dirty, and so was the inside of the air ducts. It looked pretty gross. I knew I could take care of the outside of the HVAC vents, but the inside of the air ducts was going to be a job for the heating and cooling professionals. I went around my home and cleaned each of the air vents, and I was a bit grossed out with how dirty some of them were, and it really made me wonder on the insides and what they looked like. I called the local heating and cooling corporation, and asked about their ductwork cleaning, they told me a bit of information about it, and I decided to schedule the appointment. Apparently it can actually take a whole team of cooling professionals to clean all of the ductwork, because it is a lot too. When the HVAC team arrived at my home, they warned me it might take awhile, and so I read a book while they got to work.
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