I rode the bus with fantastic air conditioner

It was a full blown miracle i’ll tell you! I absolutely for the first time in years rode the public transferation bus to plus from work this past week because my automobile was in the shop for repair, and wow! The bus absolutely had quality air conditioning! This was something I was not used to… I had not ridden on any form of public transferation in at least 30 years since I was a teenager.

And back then the air conditioning on the buses were undoubtedly hell plus awful! I never thought I would see the afternoon where any kind of public transferation had quality air conditioning. I am pretty sure that the heating in the winter time months of the year is also fantastic or at least improved. I think as the years went on plus HVAC technology advanced they took fantastic advantage of it plus ended up fixing the ongoing issue with awful HVAC that they have had well before I was even born. I am going to bet that all this update of indoor comfort on the bus must have happened sometime in the last 10 years or so when HVAC technology had been at its best plus most giant rise in history. It would all make sense happening around this time frame of things. I may not have an issue taking the bus in the winter one week if my automobile ever has to go into the shop again at that point if their heating is going to be just as fantastic as the air conditioning was!
a/c worker