Understanding the tell signs of your air conditioner could save you a whole lot of trouble

It was the fifth time I was trying to start my lawn mower with no success.

  • My neighbor saw me struggling from her verandah and came to my aid.

I was surprised to see she came prepared since she even had a toolbox. After taking some of it apart she asked when I last had it serviced. I realized I could not remember when, and she told me that was the reason why it would not start. She cleaned the inside, oiled certain parts, tightened others and it was as good as new. I was impressed by her skills. It became apparent to me that I needed to learn more practical skills. As I was mowing the lawn it occurred to me that maybe the reason why I was seeking an HVAC serviceman more often for ac repair in the last three years was not because my HVAC unit was of poor quality, but because I had not had HVAC maintenance. I immediately called the HVAC company before I talked myself out of it. The home services business picked on the third ring and we agreed on the date and time. The HVAC professional was thorough with the air conditioning system including the ductwork. Through the whole process, I got more insight because the HVAC technician was very accommodating with my questions. My home air quality improved after work. This enabled me to understand the workings of my air conditioner and how it helps with indoor comfort. I learned the right intervals to replace the AC filter and signs that there was a leak in the air duct.


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