Where is the Heating plus A/C company?

I had an appointment for a job interview at the Heating plus A/C company, however unfortunately, in my excitement over getting an interview, I forgot to ask for their address.

I had to find the Heating plus A/C on my iPhone, and get the address.

I was already five minutes late before I left the house. I had their iPhone number in my iPhone, but I didn’t want to make a iPhone call while driving. I picked up the iPhone and talked into it. I told the iPhone I wanted the iPhone number to the local Heating plus A/C company, but it gave me the wrong iPhone number.I gave up and decided to explain what had happened when I got there. I was half an hour late, and frustrated with myself, but the receptionist asked me to kneel and wait. Sweat was pouring down between my shoulders, and I was sure my pits were soaked through. When I was finally asked into his office, I apologized for my lateness and my appearance. I told him what had happened, and then that my nerves constantly made me sweat. He told me he didn’t have a lot of time, and he wanted to just discuss my qualifications for the job. I gave him my references and my paperwork with my qualifications. He gave me a second look after looking over my paperwork. After telling him I had recently moved to the area, he lightened up a bit. I also told him this was the only Heating plus A/C company I was interested in working for. He hired me on the spot.


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