Without a dehumidifier, everything rusted or got moldy.

I couldn’t guess the mold that was settling on window ledges and walls.

I knew it was humid in the house, however I didn’t know what to do.

I had called the Heating and A/C supplier, however they didn’t have anyone to come out right away. It was less than a week since my air conditioner unit quit working properly, yet the mold was already there. I knew I would actually need mold remediation once the air conditioner unit was fixed, however I had no choice. I was glad when the Heating and A/C supplier called and told me they had someone who could come to my house that afternoon. I waited for the serviceman to show up, thinking I could see the mold and mildew spreading while I waited. I was using vinegar water to wipe everything down, including my table legs. I had a vintage 1950s table and chair set, and the metal was rusting. I could only hope the Heating and A/C serviceman would arrive soon. When he finally arrived, my house stinked like vinegar, and I apologized. He told me this had happened at his house, although he still had to call a remediator to help get rid of the mold. It was inside the closets, and on everything. I was worried nothing was going to fix the mold problem I already had. An hour later, he had the air conditioner unit running, although he said I would need a current one. He had only done a temporary fix until my friend and I could have a current A/C unit installed. I now had to pay for a current A/C unit, and mold remediation supplier.