A home in the warmer states with no a/c

I am going on a vacation to a locale that does not have any air conditioning in any of the houses.

  • It is apparent that my buddy and I are going to have to adjust to this.

My fantastic friend and I are stocked up on bug spray plus everything else my buddy and I might need for this journey. One of the most exciting things to me is that my buddy and I will be staying in an open air treehome for most of the trip. The treehome has a bedroom, a king size bed plus a powder room plus that is it! The air conditioner does not exist. I looked for a lot of locales in the area that might have AC plus there were no houses available. In order to please my partner, I knew that my buddy and I would need a fan at the certainly least, and so, I did some research. All of the reviews on this home were fantastic plus all the people said that regardless of the no i/c situation, there was no need to be worried. I learn even further plus found that most locales in this region do not have air conditioning because the weather at night is so nice that there is no need for it. I enjoyed hearing that the breeze at night was enough to keep up cool plus comfortable. I was able to convince my partner that all my buddy and I need is the cool ocean breeze plus a fan to be comfortable at night. My fantastic friend and I will have to wait plus see what happens!

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